Our Mission

Gigi Shubber is a lifestyle brand offering fashion, gift and homeware products with a purpose.

Our mission is to empower women via raising awareness and offering opportunities to the ones that are unable to work for various reasons. Many women lost their jobs during the pandemic and unable to find employment opportunities or the current situation simply making it impossible for them to go back to work.

On the other hand, there always have been an issue for mothers to access flexible work that allows them to balance childcare and a career, being forced to choose between the two.

With that said it is apparent that many women, mothers, single mothers are relying largely on the government for financial support.

Having this level of dependence and luck of self-expression affects and drastically deuterated women’s mental health leading them into not having any self-confidence, feeling worthless and battling depression.

This then opens the door to another whole new chain of issues from family welfare to healthcare overload.

Since the pandemic begun retailers offering Direct Marketing have seen a massive increase in new representative recruits and sales turnover through this channel. Women/ mothers have found an opportunity in generating income and successfully building their businesses on social media and through networking. 

Women have started working with different brands simultaneously which they advertise and sell to their own audience on social media, friends and family, earn commission and target driven bonuses. With this model, we offer ambassador registrations allowing individuals to sell Gigi products.

Sales commission at start-up stages is between 20-30% however as the business grows sales bonuses and other benefits will be introduced.

We put a lot of emphasis on coaching and mentoring our ladies so that they can build their business effectively and financially rewarding.

This is not all.

What happens when you purchase directly from the website?

As the website will generate a better profit margin than Direct Sales due to not paying sales commission, that extra margin will be allocated into further support. We are working with course providers who offer training courses in different  vocational or craft areas. With that additional income from the website we will be able to offer women the opportunity to gain new skills and create products or services from home. We also offer branding and business mentoring then upon successful completion the opportunity to sell on the website.